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Heather's Favorites:

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Performance Wicking Shirts:

    • T2066 ~ a terrific ‘on the water’ shirt. Dries fast and looks great.
    • DG370 ~ a quick-drying mock-neck tee.

Performance Wicking Polos: these polos look sharp and dry fast!

    • DG105 (ladies’ version DG105W)
    • DG380 (ladies’ version DG380W)
    • DG125
    • DG375 (ladies’ version DG375W)
    • A14
    • A08 (ladies’ version A11)

Cotton Polos:

    • OB11 (ladies’ version OB12) ~ Outer Banks polo makes a great ‘at the keg’ shirt
    • D100 (ladies’ version D100W) ~ a dressier polo. I call it the ‘yacht club’ shirt.
    • D150 (ladies’ version D150W)
    • D320 (ladies’ version D320W) ~ fights wrinkles!
    • D140 (ladies’ version D140W) ~ a beautiful pima cotton shirt that is great in the office.

Caps & Headwear:

    • BX005
    • A4007 ~ my best selling cap
    • BX006 ~ visor


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